Just like a new patient

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My new pharmacy The first time I had to go into a pharmacy in the new town that I moved in, I went to a community pharmacy. I had a positive surprise how they managed me as a new customer, a new patient. They ensured my safety. They checked my medical record and they told […]


Community pharmacy

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Our job Working as a pharmacist technician in a community pharmacy I see different types of cases. Many people just come to us or call us if they forget how they should get their medication or they lost their track of time for taking the pills and ask what to do next. We, the technicians, […]


Pharmacy for all needs

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Always communicating with people I have always purchased my prescription medication in a community pharmacy that is near my home. I am very happy for what they are offering in the pharmacy. They are always in stock, there wasn’t a one problem about not having medication that I required to take it. Every employed pharmacist […]


High glucose in the blood

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Health is a first priority They say that a person to be healthy has to take care of their body in a best way they could. Regular meals, healthy food, and everyday workout well, I did all of that. I bought food from the best quality there is and food that is full with vitamins, […]