Just like a new patient

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My new pharmacy

The first time I had to go into a pharmacy in the new town that I moved in, I went to a community pharmacy. I had a positive surprise how they managed me as a new customer, a new patient.
They ensured my safety. They checked my medical record and they told me that every time I am going to get a new refill or a prescription filled they are going to check again, in order the pharmacist to prevent dangerous interactions between drugs.

Advice from the pharmacist

They counsel patients. It involves more than informing about adverse reactions and interactions with other medications, food, alcohol and other beverages. There is like training patients how and when to take doses, and following up with me to see if my medications are working, and how to minimize side effects.
There the pharmacist told me about healing and avoid getting sick by sharing advice for taking nonprescription remedies, taking vitamins, using herbal and natural health products, and a good diet.
Any time when I am going to come again, there will check carefully my new prescription about dosage and everything else.
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Community pharmacy

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Our job

Working as a pharmacist technician in a community pharmacy I see different types of cases. Many people just come to us or call us if they forget how they should get their medication or they lost their track of time for taking the pills and ask what to do next. We, the technicians, don’t talk to the costumer’s until it is allowed by the pharmacist this state for more serious situations. We always answer to the people with the kindest and respect which is the most important thing to do in a pharmacy and we need to stay calm because sometimes there are people very nervous who can’t wait to get their required medication so our job is to handle them in the calmest way actually to find a way to calm them with goodness and to explain them why they need to wait (when mixing medication is involved). Our mission is to provide trusted, friendly, and caring pharmacy services.

We also provide clinical work. And there are many people that come here for general check up or they could have another prescription written. If the person who comes to buy medication is the first time comer we offer to make a call to their physician and to get his medical history so we could track every prescription because sometimes a mistake can be made.

We provide a free mailing and deliveries they just need to call us and tell us what they need and we are there to help them. There is no way for a delivery to be late, they are always on time. We have our online site where people can get more information about us. Soon we are going to put an online pharmacy too, because it is very helpful for the people that don’t have time to come. Like I said we are doing everything so the people get our services the most efficient way.

We make the price of the medication as low as we could and that why we don’t have discounts like.

The clinic

We provide Vaccine Clinics. Our knowledgeable pharmacists can provide our patients with the most perfect information on routine immunizations, and answer any questions that you have. There is also a consultation available for anyone traveling overseas.

The clinical pharmacist can provide our customers with cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure screenings directly in the pharmacy. We are always available to discuss the results of these screenings so that we can recommend any follow-up that may be needed.

There are lots of cases where a person comes for a screening just to check if there is something wrong and there comes the time when we need calmly tell them the news that they have a high blood pressure foe explain and they just didn’t have any symptoms for it. So our clinical pharmacist will give them the needed medication and we stay with the patient isn’t feeling better and we advise them to go to a physician check up so they could see more detailed picture of what could cause the problem. This is also happening with people that never had problems with their blood pressure, blood glucose or with cholesterol so that is why we are there for them to see it on time before something bad is going to happen.

No one works in a pharmacy if they don’t want to communicate with different peoples personalities. So everyone should know that the people they see working in a pharmacy in this case where I work, community pharmacy, are there to help them.
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Pharmacy for all needs

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Always communicating with people

I have always purchased my prescription medication in a community pharmacy that is near my home. I am very happy for what they are offering in the pharmacy.

They are always in stock, there wasn’t a one problem about not having medication that I required to take it. Every employed pharmacist technician is very kind with me, always there to explain everything there is for the pills. They carefully explain to me step by step how to take the piles and they even tell me what to do in case if I forget to take the next one. They have told me to take it fast as I could, but if it is near with the next dose I shouldn’t take it double because it can come to overdose or some other serious condition.

Sometimes when I can’t go to make a refill I just call them to make it and that I will take it on my way to work or I will ask to them to send it to my home in the next 3 days. This is not happening very often, just when I have a lot work to do.

Screenings for regular check up

They provide screenings, which I do them from time to time to see how I am going through because I don’t watch what I eat, no time to cook healthy meals, so I need to check my cholesterol and the level of glucose in my blood. I need to check for blood pressure because my work is very stressful and it easily can go up to the roof.
I won’t change my community pharmacy it everything what I need from a pharmacy that is on my way. The best service ever.
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High glucose in the blood

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Health is a first priority

They say that a person to be healthy has to take care of their body in a best way they could. Regular meals, healthy food, and everyday workout well, I did all of that. I bought food from the best quality there is and food that is full with vitamins, I bought the most efficient workout video CDs there are and I even go for a regular check up in the hospital, a full body check up. I am crazy about living a healthy life. I thought my children the same way at least they learned something from it and I gave my husband the same habit for himself too, 60 years old and never had any serious problems. Sometimes I got the flu or a virus which I always take an immunization so I could prevent from happening as much as it could be prevented.

Getting older

Two years ago I had an unexpected urge for drinking water. I thought it was nothing serious because I love drinking water and I knew that drinking water is the healthiest drink there is. I started to forget thing like everyday things, and if I cut myself during preparing a meal or something else the wound wasn’t heeling in normal rate. I thought it was because I was getting older I never thought that it could be a sign of something more serious.
One day I got dizzy and I could stay on my feet and there was no way I could work out or prepare our meal. I didn’t tell my husband what was going on with me, but he spotted a different reaction and movement that I have. He suggested to take me to the Community pharmacy near our home, so they could measure my blood pressure, which could be the reason I have felt like that. He always was doing his pressure check up and where he bought his medication for less money than from other pharmacies,

We went there and I made all of the screenings they offer and I was surprised by the results I had high sugar in my blood they gave me a pill for the moment and they immediately send me to see a doctor for a more detailed check up, to see if an insulin is needed for the future.
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